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Download Setup & CrackDOWNLOAD


In the forest of Pago in Sweden sits a giant 10×12-meter tower. From the top of it, an aerodome offers a very good view of the surrounding. After 5 years of work and a small budget, the project now has more than 200.000 visitors on a daily basis. So far the tower has withstood 5 terrorist attacks, 3 small bombs and several pieces of metal and wood. Will it still stand when the summer is over and the smilax has grown back? Now you can defend it!
Check the press for more information:

APPLICATION OF GAME LINK (Partly Install and Start game from link):


Get ready to hop on the bus and help those kids get to school. Easy Peasy Lunchbox is a game about helping those poor kids get on the bus. Join the driver, the students and all the other passengers on the bus, helping them get on the bus and deposit them off at school.
Aim, steer and drive the bus in this easy to play but hard to master game. Guide the bus around the city and between buses and parking slots. Make sure that the cars on the road are allowed to pass you and don’t hit too many pedestrians. You’ll have plenty of time to practice your skills though, because the game is easy to play yet quite challenging to master.
Train your skills, improve your reflexes and compete with your friends to see how far you can drive the bus. Travel the different paths and see which route gives you the best reward.
Easy Peasy Lunchbox is a fun, free driving game that will keep you interested and entertained for hours.
– Simulate bus driving and parking in 3D environment
– Time Trial mode lets you compete with your best driving times
– Make sure the cars on the road can pass you
– Collect coins by driving and parking the bus
– Earn achievements and unlock cool bus gift items
– Play with your friends to see who has the best driving time
– Easily control the bus with the touch screen interface
– Good game for kids and parents
Platforms: iOS

PINK MACHINE is a next generation racing-simulation game created with the new generation of mobile games in mind.
Not just run n’ gun arcade; a car


Download Setup & CrackDOWNLOAD

Download Setup & CrackDOWNLOAD

Features Key:

  • beautiful graphics & stunning audio
  • a dynamic story scenario where you must rescue your partners
  • various playable vehicles: champion car, motorcycle, and boat
  • action gaming style mixed in with real samurai tradition
  • over 25 playable characters come from the famous warrior series, Way of the Samurai: Rise of Musashi


Sprint Vector Full Version Free [Updated] 2022

Speckle is an atmospheric puzzle game about dots. The concept is simple; if you can clear the playing grid of blue dots, you win!
Made with the intent to deliver a relaxing experience, Speckle includes no timers, no limits, and no stress! Gaze at elegant visuals, which fit the amazing chillstep playlist from Day 7 and Sappheiros. Play multiple game modes and grids throughout 30 increasingly challenging levels. Stuck on a level? You can better your skills in the custom level mode to better adapt to difficult layouts. Discover new techniques as you go and master the mind bending challenge of Speckle.
-۳۰ Levels
-۵-۱۰ Hours of gameplay
-Multiple game modes
-Many grids
-Custom levels
-۱۰ song chillstep playlist by Day 7 and Sappheiros
-Beautiful high resolution backgrounds
-Relaxing atmosphere
-Difficulty increases each time you clear a level.
-Play multiple grids throughout 30 increasingly challenging levels
-Beginner friendly easy mode
-۱۰ song chillstep playlist by Day 7 and Sappheiros
-Beautiful high resolution backgrounds
-Relaxing atmosphere

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April Meetup

This month our monthly meet up will be a sub club meeting. We will meet at the range to shoot some group targets. The cost is $10/person.

Cost of $10 covers range fees for the month, shirts, and ammunition.

John H

Jim T

John H

Jim T

John H

Jim T

Jim T

John H

Please contact me at, and we will see you at the range.Q:

Win 10 developer mode – how to create user account?

I’m trying to create a user account in Win 10 for first time usage.
After I set a pin, I don’t receive any confirmation, and I have to push back to enter the PIN. If I press back, the PIN is not entered.
Pressing continue just closes the app and back to the previous app start.
Is there any way to disable this?


Short answer: The developer mode is not intended to create a user account.

Long answer: In the developer mode, you can easily invoke the pin dialog, but the user must confirm


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Enjoyed the game and thought I would give it a try as well! Not so sure about having to pay for “Add-On” things to unlock extras, but the fact that you can keep playing with things that you already have unlocked is a great plus. I think the other big plus is the DLC is really inexpensive and gives you what I believe is the complete game with no restrictions and no time limits. I think this is a good deal for people who just want to relax and play some fun games and don’t care about the “Crusaders” and “Narnia” stuff. Good times!

Yes, you must buy all the DLC for every Character if you want to unlock the new pigments for all of them.

I love the DLC because you can play through the whole thing, on any difficulty setting, and you can do that without feeling like you “miss out” on anything. I would rather pay for more content and not feel like I’m missing anything.

I also like the fact that I don’t have to wait any longer to unlock stuff for the characters I’ve already purchased.

BAD NEWS: IF you have already purchased “DLC 2” for “Shaman”, when I originally got the game, I couldn’t purchase “DLC 3” for “Undead” (which I really like) because it was locked to account 0, which meant I had already purchased DLC 2. That made it impossible for me to purchase DLC 3. Now, because I have the same username on my XBox Live account, I can’t even go to and purchase DLC 3 directly because it says the DLC for “Shaman” is unavailable because I already own it.

So if you need DLC, go to the XBox Live Marketplace directly, instead of buying it through

All DLC is designed to work with every character that is already bought, so you should have access to it if you already purchased it for any other character. If you bought “DLC 2” and “DLC 3” for “Undead” on a different account and purchased it for “Shaman” on the same account, it should be available. Just make sure that you go to directly instead of going to to buy it.

Oh, and I would buy DLC again for this game. It’s worth every penny.

Yep, what happened was that there


What’s new in Sprint Vector:

I finally caught up with the first draft of this story. It was written in my “unsent” folder inside the usual website, just so I could say what I had prepared to say. Then I composed it and retyped it from there. It was a fun exercise. Suffice it to say, I like how the way I typed it does change the feel of it. It’s not as dramatic as Faraday Road, but I like where my style is heading. I’m not a lyrically-inclined writer so if there are errors in grammar, please don’t hold it against me. (Lol!)

The moon was hiding its exquisite glow as the dark night’s rays trawled across a dusting of clouds. After days of seemingly endless sun, the sudden weather change was certain to make for a nerve-wracking trip. It had taken some effort to help our tourist aboard the Quadrotintosyl. With my partner’s aid, he was starting to recover from the effects of the Amate-Pniewski Flare. Hopefully that little mishap had shaken him a bit. We were all hoping he was done with the uglier side of life just in time.

Evading the steely-eyed guards, I escorted our trio aboard so we could find our seats. I helped the man stow his bags in the rear compartment and then satisfied us both with a sigh as I helped carry our son to his own seat. My son was a confounding teen, and his moods weren’t always predictable. He sometimes started out with an easygoing disposition and then could turn unexpectedly aggressive. On this trip, however, he’d had nothing to do with his father, and showed no signs of getting in a mood. Maybe he was happy I was taking him on this trip. We wouldn’t know that until later.

Vaza flowed smoothly and we all breathed a sigh of relief. I was glad we took a few days off to rest and re-supply; anyway, the Quadrotintosyl’s ever-increasing speed was designed to last for years, at least several decades. I had managed to find new supplies about a month ago before leaving Earth. And now, all we had to do was cross the Prenumup to reach our stop in Tunis.

The airlock open, I heard a deep rumble and my breath caught in my throat. He stood out in the desert like a jewel set in a cemetery.


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Zevox is the world’s most advanced civilization…when they are at peace. But when they fear an outside threat, they will go to their most sacred and remote places, connect to the Nexus, and defend themselves from any hint of invaders. A new age is dawning, one where people and their Gods—or Panthar—live side-by-side and intermingle for the first time in recorded history. But not everyone is on the same page, and the war for the heart and the future has already begun.
Explore the vast city of Ragnan and survive as long as you can among the bustling, thriving population. From dark alleyways to shining mansions, from sprawling food courts to the hustle and bustle of the stock market, explore the world and discover its secrets as you push your luck, learn to adapt, and try to save the city that is your home.
With the diversity of mythology, history, and science to explore, the journey is sure to be rich and deep. Choose your path carefully, for every decision affects your fate.
Key Features:
● Choose your starting class, and develop into whatever you choose—warrior, sorcerer, or an industrialist.
● When the enemy attacks you, defend the city with a customizable mix of magical and mechanical power.
● Assist gods in keeping the city in their favor and execute mortals who wish harm upon them.
● Work for great reward—allow gods to make your life difficult if you wish to continue in peace and freedom.
● Explore an extensive city filled with gods and mortals, each with their own interests.
● Choose your own home in the city, and expand it to include more rooms for your possessions, knowledge, and power.
● Expand your network of mercenaries to make your country even stronger.
● Read real-time events that may alter the course of the entire city.
● Explore an open-ended game universe, with the only limit the time and resources you have at your disposal.
The Story:
The rulers of the world, the Gods, are at war. First with each other and then with humanity. While the people have thrived and their cities have grown into great metropolises, that should not make them complacent. After all, they have yet to prove themselves against their Gods and their divine agents. Their last hope lies in a secret task force.
But to be a part of this group, you must prove that you are worthy


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