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Easy Personality Quiz Maker Crack Activation Free Download







Easy Personality Quiz Maker Crack + PC/Windows

(Mongwell’s Easy Personality Quiz Maker)
This file contains all the php code to create easy quizzes using
Mongwell’s method of personality assessment. The idea is that everyone
has a unique personality that is determined by how they react to certain situations
and situations. Based on this easy personality quiz maker works by
generating random questions that are typically asked in these quizzes.
Give it a try now! You can play a personality quiz, create your own quizzes
and monitor the responses so you’ll see which personality type is
most suited for the quiz. It’s a fun way to see if you’re more extroverted
or introverted, and a way to see if you have a particular personality
type that you didn’t realize you had.

How to
Do you want to make a new quiz?
First you’ll need to upload one of the php files. Go to the
Easy Personal Quiz Maker folder on your host, and create a
new folder with the name of your quiz.
If the php file is called test.php, and you want the quiz to
be called testquiz, the URL will look like this:


Then just copy the contents of the php files from the file into that directory.

Easy Personal Quiz Maker directory

Now for the fun part. Select the character type you want
and the number of characters per type. Give it a title
of your choice and publish it.

Character Selection Page

The following files are included with the Easy Personal Quiz Maker and are automatically included with this zip file.
When the quiz is complete and you publish it, you’ll be able to see
what other users are rating it. This feature allows you to communicate
with other people who may share your interests.

Easy Personality Quiz Maker

Awesome Personality Quiz Maker

Easy Personal Quiz Maker

۱٫ Examine Yourself Quiz
۲٫ How to Tell People When to Listen Quiz
۳٫ What Would You Be If You Weren’t You Quiz
۴٫ Speech Bubble Quiz
۵٫ Entertainment Quiz
۶٫ Spirituality Quiz
۷٫ Mystery Challenge
۸٫ Laughter Quiz
۹٫ Simple (and somewhat easy) Personality Quiz
۱۰٫ Surprise Quiz
۱۱٫ Easy Personal Qu

Easy Personality Quiz Maker Crack

■ When the quiz is complete it will create an XML file that
contains all the questions and possible answers.
XML is a standard way to represent data.
XML files can be viewed in any application which can view
■ HTML with a header and footer
■ A supporting file which displays the header and footer
XML files you create
JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation.
JSON is a very popular standard for data that is transmitted
between machines.
■ Related Forms
You can have as many questions per personality type as you like.
■ A custom HTML header and footer file that you have uploaded
to your server. These files are used to give you the
ability to have a custom style for each quiz.
■ A text file that contains the name and the image of each
personality type.
■ A text file that contains all the questions you wish to
test. (This is used to create the XML file.)
As an added bonus you may upload an image for each question.
How to set up the data:
■ Make sure you have all the required files set up and on your server.
■ Make sure your XML file is set to ‘utf-8’ encoded.
■ Make sure the quiz is complete.
■ Make sure the header and footer HTML files are
uploaded to the server.
■ Make sure the image files are uploaded to the server.
■ Enter in the name of each personality file.
■ Upload the images
■ Upload the data files
■ Upload the quesiton file and the answer to each question
■ Enter in the URL for your quiz.
How to use the data:
■ When the quiz is complete it will create an XML file that
contains all the questions and possible answers.
■ XML is a standard way to represent data.
■ XML files can be viewed in any application which can view
■ HTML with a header and footer
■ A supporting file which displays the header and footer
XML files you create
JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation.
JSON is a very popular standard for data that is transmitted

Easy Personality Quiz Maker License Keygen Download

Make quizzes to learn more about yourself and share them with friends.
Easy Personal Quiz Maker is an easy to use free quiz tool for learning more about yourself.
Does not require software or programming experience.
Easy Personality Quiz Maker Home Page:

Author: Peter
This program is released under the GNU General Public License.
This means that you can do anything you want with this program as long as you give credit to the author.
Please read the Terms Of Use in order to download and use this program.
Have fun making quizzes with Easy Personality Quiz Maker!
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What’s New in the?

Mongwell’s Easy Personality Quiz Maker is a simple, no-programming required quiz application. The most important feature to note is that it allows you to have your own personalized quizzes for every single personality type you select.
You can even select from a range of different personality types, all with their own series of questions, and a custom “personality style” to make each quiz look unique.
All of this for FREE!
You can create a quiz and start quizzing your friends immediately.
Simply upload the quiz files to a directory on your server.
It’s simple, so there’s nothing to set up. You simply need to make sure
you can upload the files to the directory on your server and have the
directive set in the file to allow this.
You will also need to access your server’s control panel in order to
set up an html header and footer.
When you log in to the Easy Personality Quizz Maker, your browser will be automatically directed to the files to begin the quiz.
The quiz itself is constructed as a series of question pages.
Once you’ve reached the end of the quiz, you’ll get instructions to upload your results to a central database for your stats and ranking.
In order to create a new quiz, access the quizmake.php file on your server.
For example, if the server name is and your quiz directory is “quiz”, the URL would be:
The instructions page will direct you to a page where you can create your quiz.
You will need to give your quiz a title, a description, and select the number of personality types you wish to test for.
You will have the ability to set the options for the quizzes – like the minimum and maximum question per
personality type. You may also set a minimum and maximum question per personality type to prevent the quiz from ending prematurely.
Each personality type will have three quiz options to choose from. There will be one start question and two possibly multiple choice answers.
If you wish, you can select the “Personality style” for each personality type to set the icon that is displayed for each personality type’s quiz.
This is extremely useful if you wish to create your own quiz to have fun with – but it’s not necessary.
For example, if you wanted the personality quizzes to display a list of men like the “Friends” list, you could have “My

System Requirements:

OS: Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows Server 2008 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows Server 2012 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows Server 2016 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Processor: Intel® Pentium 4 or equivalent AMD processor
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9-compatible GPU with 256MB of video memory
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 25 GB

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