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Csi Multi Products License Generator

Csi Multi Products License Generator

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Csi Multi Products License Generator

Product Name : MODEL 970-X Portable Multi-Channel Analyzer (pMCA). Of course, the 980-X can also use this same functionality. The 980-X will ship with a single-user license to pMCA, the engine for the 970-X and 970-XS. The pMCA license has no cost associated with it. This license is for the initial user who isButterscott Field

Butterscott Field is an all-seater football stadium in Butterscott, Bath, England, that is the home of Bath Rugby Football Club. It has a capacity of 8,000, but the record attendance is 9,198 for Bath against Warrington in January 1999. The ground is one of the smallest in the Aviva Premiership, and has hosted several games involving Bath’s professional teams.

Since opening in 2009, the stadium has been developed to its full potential. It is the home of Championship team Chippenham Town FC and has also hosted friendly international matches, most notably a performance by The Farm, England’s tribute to deceased famous artists. The stadium’s record attendance was reached when the ground was the venue for the November 2012 edition of the annual Slaley Horse show.


The original Butterscott Park was erected by John Day and George Gosling, two brothers from Bath, in the early 1880s. They established the neighbouring Fairy Croft next to Butterscott Park as a glasshouse nursery. The land was sold to Bath Council in 1884 who established Butterscott House as a girls’ grammar school. In the early 1920s the site was first used as an ice rink, before it was converted into a sports ground with drainage and lighting for cricket, and later for football.

In 1982, Bath Council decided to make a considerable investment in the sports ground, building a new stand and floodlights, before converting it to all-seater seating. Ground development was completed by an agreement between Bath and Chippenham Town Football Club in 1993. Bath Football Club secured a lease of the ground and the name “Butterscott” in 2005.

Main gates were opened in May 2009. The stadium cost £۲۲m to build, with £۹٫۵m being provided from a government housing loan for Chippenham Town FC. In return for using the stadium, the football club is given a new stand, new changing rooms, a first team dressing room and other facilities.


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