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Crysis-3-Update-v1-3-INTERNAL-RELOADED ‘LINK’ 😎

Crysis-3-Update-v1-3-INTERNAL-RELOADED ‘LINK’ 😎

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This suit is used by the HPA in Crysis 3. It can drain the armor mode of any enemy suit that it comes into contact with. It also has a magnetic collar that allows it to attach to any surface in mid-air. The collar can either be magnetized to any metal surface or the be adjusted to stick to specific surfaces.

In Crysis 3, the CELL has even outfitted several of their units, including SEALS and their special forces division. This suit is a full-featured suit similar to the CELL 2.0 CELL. It has all the features of the CELL 2.0 including the nanosuits, the nano-processor, sub-ventilation, and armor mode. However, this suit also has a ventilator, full-spectrum electromagnetic protection, and is capable of being scanned. This suit includes magnetic collar similar to the CELL 2.0 and can be magnetized to any surface or be adjusted to stick to specific surfaces. This suit also has several jammers and has the ability to drain the armor mode of other suits.

During the course of Crysis 3, Agent 47 is referred to as having \”fucked off\” 3 times, with his \”lifetime number\” being #2. Due to poor reception, his first call to Varus was not received. In the mission \”Dark, Bright Lights\”, 47 later calls Varus to tell him that he is on his way. In the mission \”Deep Down\”, he is mentioned by Chris to have been in the facility for a while. In \”Dark, Bright Lights\”, he tells Chris to save him when Varus sends them to go help him but Chris insists he is fine. In \”Pulse\”, it is mentioned that his 3rd time \”fucking off\” is imminent. In the mission \”Deep Down\”, 47 refers to his 3rd time \”fucking off\” as \”once.\” In \”Dark, Bright Lights\”, after 47 is freed, he refers to his first time as \”man, that was close.\” In \”Deep Down\”, the mission where 47 is freed from the nanosuit, Chris assumes 47 is \”the new normal.\” In the mission \”The North Face\”, Chris refers to a cut line of blood from 47’s nose, which he later states is called \”the new normal.\” In \”Deep Down\”, 47 later mentions to Chris \”don’t you ever again mention my fucking nose.\”


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