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Ansys 14.5 Magnitude


Ansys 14.5 Magnitude

we had a first-in-class, well-established antibody and now we’ve developed a novel approach, which shows the advantage of ansys tools. it is the only available tool enabling one to test liquid formulations

however, of course, the more powerful the solver, the more complex the model. and as always it seems that in electronics simulation there is one rule: size matters. a larger load model, with more complex primary fields, and with higher materials modeling capability, more and more requirement to be moved off the simulation domain. so, today we are seeing more and more of the simulation outside of the simulation domain. fem, fvm and combined fem/fvm solvers find many more of their applications in the simulation of active devices and structures and are becoming more and more popular in the systems design world. in 2014 we announced the addition of the ansoft suite of continuum solver technologies, including eulerian/lagrangian solvers, multimaterial modeling, coupled solvers (relaxation, iterative, stiff and sweeping), and open-source open-development technologies to ansys hfss. these technologies deliver the accuracy and speed of finite element solvers with the open-source and model-customization agility of finite volume solvers. from the controller design and simulation world to the automotive, aerospace, power, and defense design and simulation worlds, a new era of maturing, effective solvers, as well as an unprecedented level of user-controlled customization, have arrived. i had the pleasure of first introducing and explaining the ansoft continuum solver technologies to the engineering community with a series of recent events and events, an exciting time in the history of ansys hfss.

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